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Dr. Song Peng and Dr. Barken discussing collaboration about PD-1 study in the China National Cancer Center in Beijing


With your help, PCREF conducted a novel vaccine study, Treatment of RM-1 Mouse Prostate Cancer with Cryoablation and Immunotherapy in 2016. We have results that are promising, but we need your support to continue this vaccine study, which can lead to a new treatment for prostate cancer using cryotherapy combined with powerfully enhanced immune boosters.

The first leg of the study, done in Beijing, China in 2016, examined tumor growth and showed that combining cryotherapy with immunotherapy had better results than cryotherapy alone. This encourages us to continue this experiment, using refined modes of freezing and different immune stimulators.

In 2017, the next part of the study will focus on anti-PD-1, a checkpoint inhibitor, and refined cryotherapy. The goal is to minimize the side effects of freezing by utilizing the power of immune therapy. We know that cryotherapy inherently creates an immune response. Now, we want to take advantage of that cryo-immune response and boost it even more to tackle systemic tumor cells.

The protocol, the lab, and the researchers are ready. Are you ready? It’s time for progress in treating prostate cancer, and we ask your support..

Your GENEROUS DONATION will help us continue our research.

China National Cancer Center


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